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Baby's First Christmas - I Bee-lieve Christmas Bumble

I am super excited to share this design option with you tonight! I have seen lots of requests for 'Baby's First Christmas', so I wondered what this would look like if I tinkered and added some extra text. Red for Christmas so non-gender specific and I have to say I absolutely love it.

The greetings cards are perfect for sending to family and friends, the book can be used for memories of all the Christmas planning you might need and the cushions would be great to rest on.

I added the bag in the design as it would be useful to place items in for baby when going to relatives for a Christmas meal if you are not remaining at home this year.

Anyway, as always i hope you love my design, this will be added to the Jolly Snowman and Robin in due course so look out for those, whilst I continue working on other areas too.

Busy Busy... as a bee... okay - sorry. Take care and see you in the next blog.

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