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Block 3 - Chequerboard Stitch - The Art of Knitting

Oh my, what a catalogue of errors! - Why would we move so swiftly on to being able to count?? A rather pretty pattern when knitted but a devil to remember which stitch you are on, how many you have knitted or pearled and whether you need to reverse the pattern or not - or not being the option chosen several times over in my case. In the end the work is completed after being started over more times than I can remember. The misshapen yarn is now annoying to work with, but is what I have as you are only provided small balls and expected to keep leftovers for other projects, so I dare not waste it. Finally the piece comes together at a rather short 14" x 13" - I think I need to stretch this one a little! I love the electric blue colour though. A note to the creators though - it would be extremely useful to label the yarns with the colour. I have 2 x knitting and 1 x crochet sets of which i removed all the yarns and filed the books. Now I have to try to work out which yarn is which!! - A rather 'fun' job. I know it is my fault, but an extra note on each ball would have been useful.

Current hope of making an actual garment - zero! I can't even follow this simple pattern without a complete disaster. My mind wanders too much.

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