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Block 5 - Colourful Stripes - The Art of Knitting

Really? Why couldn't this have been two blocks ago? This is easy for me, but that is only because it is simple stocking stitch and I used to colour change a lot when I used to knit all those years ago. I remember making a teddy pattern or something like that with many colour changes across the back - it may even have been 'The Snowman'. Colour changing up the sides is even easier. Okay, I understand I sound selfish here. Many other beginners may never have changed colours before, but I

do feel this one would have made a better number 3 block. Or even one halfway through colour change. After all, this is meant to be a complete course in learning how to knit from scratch. Thankfully this one was a swift block for me. I wonder what nice and easy one we have next?????

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