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Block 6 - Ridged Stripes with Bobbles - The Art of Knitting

Oh come on!!! What type of beginner book is this?? There are so many easier patterns to learn - and we are left with ridges and bobbles by block 6?? Am I missing something here?

Again, technically I can read the pattern, that is not too big of a problem for me as I was taught well, just my brain not making the items properly and forgetting every few stitches whatever I am currently knitting. Then the lack of brain power to unpick properly without dropping several stitches - or even increasing / decreasing a few along the way.

As for the actual square, it came in at a rather measly 13" x 14" again meaning yet another needs a little stretching (ok a lot). The bobbles are fairly uniform, a couple a little suspect. But again, I have made bobbles before, so not quite as scary as I was thinking, but several attempts were required due to the lack of concentration. - Oh and just in case you are wondering, I use a row counter on these, and still stuff it all up! Utterly useless.

The worst is when I make a mistake, I cannot often figure out from where the mistake happened, or why, and lastly how to fix it. Sad, but true.

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