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Block 7 - Seed Stitch - the Art of Knitting

This stitch appears very sedated and serene yet artificially technical - although to me it is fairly technical because I still do not appear to be able to count! This one is only counted over 8 rows, but it is that same old thing of becoming distracted. Did I count one row of knit, or have I knitted the three? and p1 k5 ... pray you have two stitches remaining on the end. Well inevitably I required more than one attempt. As it stands I am not sure I will ever be able to knit. I can't even remember it being this hard when I knitted before. But then I suppose I used to knit different stitches, but never achieved anything. Here I am purposefully trying to ensure each block is finished to the best of my ability.

if I make a mistake it creates an unrepairable disaster that I cannot figure out and ultimately just unpick everything and begin again.

Will knitting and I ever get along? Not too sure at the moment - I will keep you posted.

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