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Block 9 - Diamond Seed Stitch - The Art of Knitting

WHY?? Why did I decide I wanted to learn to knit? Yet another block that can only be described as torture! The row counter is not helping me here and I must have restarted 50 times! In the end I have had to really concentrate, trying to clear my mind (that is never easy!) and only knitting when the children are settled and the radio and tv are all off. I also have to make a quick chart so I can tick off what row I have worked and those I haven't are seen much easier.

Again, it is only an 8 row pattern, but it goes backwards halfway through. I do wish the pattern was just written out straight - as you are forever looking back to see what row is next. For example, row 6 is actually the same as row 4, 7th is row 3 and 8th is row 2, then you go back to 1 and flow upwards again. I find it very confusing going 1,2,3,4,3,2,1,2... How is it possible I can weave which is fairly technical, but I can't count a few stitches? Ridiculous.

It is a really pretty pattern upon completion, and I am elated and very proud of myself to say my block looks as it should. Tension is becoming better and more natural.

...Image to follow, I didn't seem to take a photograph, my apologies.

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