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This is an item I have wanted to make for some time. It is a table top bin. Perfect for crafters, your desk at home or in the office. The idea came to me when I couldn't think what to make with empty cat food boxes, I always seem to have so many, although I try to purchase bulk packs where I can and often use those boxes for posting larger items in. Anyway. I use them on my own desk very frequently, but thought they were quite unsightly. Then my daughter started to use one, and I realized this could be a useful item, can I make it prettier? So after a little thought and some glue and paper. I came up with this. I am really chuffed and will be making more soon, although I need to finish other jobs I am already working on. If you would like one, let me know and I can advise on what materials / colours I have available at the moment. Current price as of 08.08.21 will be £10 +p+p and can be purchased in my shop (link below). Each bin will come with 4 x paper bags.

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