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Norfolk Skies Collection - Clouds 1

Over the course of my education, I have been very lucky and privileged to have studied so many art forms, making my time as a crafter much easier - or maybe more complicated as I have too many to choose from and love most of them! Anyway - Photography was one of the skills I was able to work on, and admittedly I will never be the best photographer in the world, nor have I the equipment I would love. It does still interest me and is now allowing me to quickly increase my range of products that I can sell in my Print on Demand Redbubble site.

So as I live in Norfolk and have wonderful views, this one concentrates on a lovely cloud formation. I know there will be several differing clouds, so I might number them or add a different description.

I used to spend hours staring into the cloud forms, making shapes with my mind and still do

to this day enjoy a quick moment of aimlessly wandering my eyes over them all to discover what is new hiding in the clouds - such as; elephants, dragons, cars and allsorts of others.

Keep looking out for more Norfolk Skies being added to the collection. Let me know what you think? I place everything on the items as I am not very 'fashionable' and what I like someone will hate, and what I don't someone else may love. So some items may not work as well as others, but I try to keep in mind we are just all different.

You can purchase the items directly from here;

Carrie x

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