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Norfolk Skies Collection - Sunset over Martham 1

There are many days I am in awe of nature's beauty and we are incredibly lucky to have such magnificent skies. Here is the first in my Norfolk Skies Collection - Sunsets category, I will aim to have lots more as they are so very varied and can alter within a few minutes drastically.

This one is taken at my home location of Martham, a quaint village on the Norfolk Broads right outside my house. Most of my images are being taken on an i-pad or i-phone at present. I do have a Digital SLR camera, but I have never been very pleased with it as the focus never works well, so maybe one day I will purchase a new camera, but for now it is on the bottom of the priority list of things to buy with limited money.

I love how the trees have almost but not quite become silhouetted with the splendid peachy colour spread around clouds that feel as though they might just provide a sprinkle of rain. I can't wait to add some more soon. x


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