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Robin & Holly (1)

Moving on from the original designs of Robin and Holly, I scanned the design in and separated the elements using Photoshop. Once each element is available; bird, leaves and berries, I then duplicate them and move them around flipping and rotating as I go. Thus creating a new design. The background on here is created through Photoshop as I didn't think to paint just a background layer. These are all things I am learning and hopefully the more I create, the more second nature it will become. Having each element on its own permits me to re-create new and differing designs, much quicker and can be used on other Print on Demand items such as these shown. I will be working on more, including a repeat design, so keep looking out for information...

You can find these designs below on my Redbubble site;

Take a look at my previous blog explaining the robins painting process - it was not an easy one...

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