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Block Four - Little Ladders Stitch - The Art of Knitting

Okay!!! What is this???? So it is called a Stylish Ladder pattern - or otherwise known as the torture ladder! So block one was getting to grips with the knit stitch and block two the pearl - block three was difficult enough and four is like asking a child to add 1 + 1, then 2 + 2 deciding they are easy, so.... lets give you some algebra then!!

I understand it is only four simple rows and only two of them have a pattern. But for me it is the constant switching of stitches, and constant counting. I cannot work out when I am on knit or pearl - I do technically know to look at the position of the yarn, if it is on the front then it is pearl and on the back would be a knit stitch. However, I am always so busy and my head so full, I cannot keep my mind clear enough to complete any without a mistake. So several unpickings later I am quite chuffed with my result. There is a clear mistake within the knitting, but as it is near the beginning, and not that bad, I am leaving it in. This blanket needs a little of me in it... whatever that is. I want to see the learning progress and the improvement within, provided the mess up is not a total disaster! Oh, maybe I should unpick it ......??

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