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The Night Watch Snowman

I just love how this turned out - It was a bit of an accident to be honest. When I am manipulating the background using the brushes in Photoshop, after first effectively cutting out my painting from the creamy white texture of paper, sometimes it is very difficult to see what is going on, especially when the layers are white dots on white! So a handy PS tip is to place the background layer that can be moved in just black or another colour of your choosing that will contrast enough - but not be garish. I normally use black with a light colour or a pale blue with a dark colour. It helps you to see all the lines that you think you 'rubbed out' but actually left remnants behind. In this case, the black allowed me to see where the 'snowflakes' were being placed as I had a few gaps. Anyway, whilst working out the snowflakes I realized I loved the black in the background and a new design was created. I hope you like it too.

You can find the range here:

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