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Union Jack - Extruded - Redbubble Design

This design was intended to be ready for the Queens Jubilee, however, I cannot believe how long it has taken me, not to mention I appear to have a chest infection and have been completely worn out and exhausted for the last 2 weeks. Everything is taking longer than it should and this design is surprisingly tricky. I always imagined that the Union Jack was mirrored in each quad, but it isn't, couple that with a rectangle, it makes it very tricky to fit many of the items on Redbubble. So where I normally create a large base design for around 2/3rds of the items and then a handful more for the remaining, this design has required possibly half of them to all have their own special unique image which I create and modify in Photoshop. There are still a few that need to be tweaked, but I will have to wait until I am better to get my head around how the placements need to work. For now though, most of them are working very well and I am happy with the design. I will come up with more of these in the future such as black and white or purple maybe, but for now I want to continue working on the photographs. Don't forget to let me know your views - would you like them on a different flag for example?

I am extremely chuffed that I did receive 3 purchases for children's tee-shirts without even advertising. Only a tiny commission is received from these items, but the fact I was found has cheered me up.

Look forward to the next design. Take care,


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