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Commission Eggs

A beautifully handmade bauble / ornament.  Perfect for a gift or memorial (see separate listing for memorial eggs).  Created using a real goose egg of which the size is approximately 4″.  The design is lovingly hand-painted onto the prepared egg using gouache paints and/or decoupage images of your choosing it is finished with glitter and / or sparkles.  Finally I carefully protect the image with a layer of varnish.

Each egg will be presented in it’s own recycled / up-cycled tin, also carefully designed to match the product inside.

I will work with you all the way through, helping you choose the design / images we use.  Through each stage I e-mail images over to you so you can watch the process evolve and make changes where appropriate / possible.  Finally the egg will be carefully packed ready to send to you.

The wedding egg shown was a gift I created for a friend and used the invitation image I had been given.  The artwork although I painted it on the egg, has been copied from an invitation, I have permission to use the image and the wonderful artist can be found here;


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