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The Art of Crochet... coming soon (ish)

I have loved watching others crochet over the years and stood in awe at this one hook wondrous delight. A change of hook and a yarn swap creates the difference of a chunky blanket to a luxurious lace. It really is memorizing. I however cannot crochet and never have been able too despite attempting several times over the years. This will be my chance to learn and attempt to make something - even if it is just one blanket never to be repeated. But I really hope I can learn as I would like to make laces and trims - [technically I would love to learn how to make lace with the traditional bobbins - but I think the many many items I am trying at the moment is enough for now, and one day I will attempt again].

This will be the section where I blog about the crochet attempts, but for now I am working on knitting, so we will have to wait a while longer.

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