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Updated: Aug 25, 2021

After creating a few designs for mugs and bookmarks I realised this is a great way for me to express my artistic side and my love of the late and amazingly talented William Morris. One of my biggest 'flaws' during my art and textile studies was the love of being over complicated, but I have to remain true to myself. The Jay is my favourite bird and the perfect choice for me to begin a range of bird themed items. Jay's being very shy are therefore more difficult to see, they also love eating acorns, hence Jay and Oak. The Jay is also represented on my logo and is the middle initial to my late hubby and both my children, so is extremely special to me.

The design is originally drawn in pencil, then traced. I use the tracing to allow an easy repeat of design by turning it over, twisting and generally moving it around. This method ensures each bird is consistent. However, every bird, leaf and acorn is hand painted to a differing design, keeping it totally unique to its neighbour.

This design has been added to my shop and can now be purchased as a keyring, bookmark, glass coaster, mug and tote bag.

Look out for the Jays being used in my Redbubble shop where I will add a new blog to show you the range.

Jays and Oak, hand painted in Winsor & Newton Gouache


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