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Not so good this time - never mind, try again!

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

So the weeks fitness went down a bit like a lead balloon - Wednesday came - but we found ourselves Home Educating again - only not for one like normal, but two! That is okay, but I am so exhausted with not sleeping again, I overslept - never a good start. My migraine tablets like to be taken before 12 or they make me sleep - So Wednesday did not happen - or Thursday - I didn't feel up to it. But Friday - I was there - ready to go... brilliant! or not, Michael Jordan told me to start running, just as my daughter decided she wasn't going to make it off the swing without assistance - please remember she has Autism / PDA - she gets herself too cold and she shuts down, making the trip to the house just too difficult - so that was it - I managed one 1 minute run and the five minute warm up walk - hopefully next week will be better - looks like I will be repeating week one again! But it was good to break my knee in gently this week. Alex came with me and took some pictures for us, it was a wonderful misty day - I did jog round the hill once today - Saturday - to take a neighbour some yummy mince pies - she requires Gluten free, and as I was making some for me, I gave her some. That was my daily exercise outside in lockdown and I checked that she was okay as she is elderly and lives on her own. Mask and social distancing rules adhered too. Asthma is a bother this week also, so that does't help - roll on week 2 - and I really must weigh myself - although I don't want to!

The mask I am wearing is my allergy mask, and with the mist, that you can't really see in my pictures, I took the special insert out so I see if it would aid my breathing - which it seemed to do, so I will try that again. At least everyone wears masks these days, so I just blend in. - Apologies for the messy images, I was baking just prior - rather badly I must add - I can normally cook well - but both my rolls and pastry were not up to standard this week - never mind, there is always tomorrow!


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