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Block 8 - Double Moss Stitch - The Art of Knitting

Oh, such a pretty design - shame I hate it! Something is clearly wrong with my brain and I need to re-knit this block several times over. It is a simple 4 row pattern of repeating k1,p1 and p1,k1. But I just cannot remember which row I have just knitted! Did I start on the knit or the pearl? Once I have figured that part out, did I knit the first pearl or the second pearl row? Inevitably I end up with some rows knitted three times instead of two and destroying the pattern. Thankfully I am able to unpick and restart a complete row, but if it is a bigger mistake than that,

it becomes more difficult and results in a complete restart. When finished the design has a pretty twill appearance.

Oh and what is this? Cast off into the back of the stitch - not too difficult, but just something else to remember. I am not quite sure what difference it makes, but I believe it changes the finish style.

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