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Butterflies & Sunflowers

Design Blog 6 - Why Butterflies & Sunflowers exactly? I don't know why, I sat there painting butterflies and decided sunflowers would look lovely with them! I am so glad I did, I think this is one of my favourite designs. This is my first work in collaboration with Laura Hope Cordell and some of the items using the original design are available to purchase in my Conscious Crafties shop. They are keyrings, bookmarks, glass coasters, mugs, prints and tote bags.

The second design is because in the madness of my brain I had not created a proper repeat pattern, and whilst Laura did an amazing job fitting the design on her products, I could not make them fit the RedBubble ones! - so my saviour that is Photoshop really came to my aid. I altered the image by repeating, cutting, rubbing out and various other things you can't do to your original work of art. And came up with this similar design, but easier to use. To say I am thrilled is an understatement. I need to buy myself one of those dresses! (I am not even a dress person!) but after my diet - more on that another time!

More of this type of work to follow - this is the real me, I love William Morris and know I can never be as good as him, but I at least like this work I am creating - I have always hated everything I make, it really is not good being a perfectionist at times! Again, hand painted in gouache for the original and with Photoshop tinkering on the second.


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