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Design Blog 8 - I developed an ideal way of working with paints. It has taken me quite a while to work it out, but for smaller works, it is gouache all the way for me - no messy oils that take an age to dry, no acrylic that is full of plastic and as soon as it starts to dry is no longer workable. The washy watercolours is also a no for me - although with gouache you can achieve the same thing, whilst having intense colours. But what to do with larger items and murals? Simple add gouche as a pigment to the base colours of emulsion! I tried to work with various emulsion colours and found them weirdly dull and boring. I couldn't get the right mix - so I added my cheap £3 set of gouache to them and it worked. Intense colours that hev depth and body when mixed together. More on the wall mural later, but for now here is the Nebula painting worked in gouche / emulsion with glitter and sparkles. I will be creating more of these in time, I believe the next planned colour after a poll was dark blue / purple and gold!! I can't wait, but it is nearly Christmas and I don't have time just now whilst fixing the sites up.

In the mean time, here are the products from RedBubble with the Nebula design. If you would like a different colour before I have made it, please always ask, as I tend to work on commissions, and fit the things I want to make next in between.

There are two links as the design doesn't always fit all of them and needs tinkering. So check out both to make sure you have the fit you are after.


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