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Robin and Berries

For the next installment of the Robin designs, here is Robin and berries. Created by using the gouache paintings of the Robin designs. Taking one Robin and some of the berries I have utilized Photoshop to manipulate the berries into differing positions and for the background. I really must remember on future pieces to paint a separate background - I think I may have mentioned that before, but it is true. painting each element separately and saving each one allows for quicker processing of designs on the computer. Instead with some of these I am having to learn new skills such as masking to be able to do my job effectively.

I hope you like this new design. The next few will be tweaking the old ones. I have a better understanding of how to create the designs using templates now which I did not when I started, so hopefully my RB shop will be up to scratch soon.

You can find this design here take a look at the Christmas Collections:


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